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Impact-driven Private Equity Firm Targets Emerging Energy Transition and Sustainability Focused Infrastructure and Technologies

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)Phalanx Impact Partners announced its official launch today as a new mission driven private and structured equity firm focused on companies building scalable solutions within the energy transition and sustainable economy. The firm focuses on investments in late venture-stage and early growth-stage companies with a particular focus on business models building or providing supporting technology to green infrastructure projects.

With offices in New York City and Westchester, New York, the firm brings together a team of seasoned investment professionals with a strong background in raising and deploying capital in energy transition, sustainability and technology-focused companies. With decades of individual experience, the team has valuable relationships with strategic partners, other investors and advisors, and is seeking to develop a highly collaborative approach to investing and new business development.

Drawing upon its diverse network and knowledge of multiple industries, Phalanx specializes in identifying and nurturing companies with differentiated technology, disruptive market potential and the ability to make a meaningful positive environmental impact compared to incumbent approaches. The firm prides itself on its ability to develop innovative deal structures that appropriately reward the historical and ongoing contributions of current stakeholders, while providing capital for scalable growth.

As a strategic partner to founders and management teams, Phalanx seeks to provide both capital and advisory support to management teams. Phalanx intends to apply a collaborative approach to each portfolio investment and build connectivity across teams to further catalyze growth, drive operational excellence, and maximize the potential social and environmental impact of its capital.

Phalanx’s expanding portfolio reflects a wide array of impact-driven businesses, operating in sectors such as renewable energy infrastructure, waste-to-value technologies, and nature-based industrial materials. One of the firm’s first investments was in Texas-based Arbor Renewables where an industry leading team is developing alternatives to petroleum-based chemical products and developing several associated U.S. infrastructure projects.

In its latest announcement, Phalanx disclosed an investment in VSK Energy, a newly formed partnership with an established international manufacturer for the purpose of establishing vertically integrated solar panel manufacturing within the United States. The initial phase involves a $250 million investment in a module assembly facility located in Colorado.

The firm launched with four founding partners: John Pantalena, Alex Hung, Doug Bennett and Eric Pearson. John Pantalena has more than 20 years of experience as a leader in infrastructure and energy investment banking, having closed capital markets transactions totaling over $200 billion throughout his career. Alex Hung brings over 20 years of experience in technology investment banking and private equity, with expertise in facilitating cross-border transactions and experience running multi-billion-dollar real estate private equity platforms. Doug Bennett has over 20 years of experience in tech entrepreneurship and property development, with significant experience in growth and exit strategies. Eric Pearson brings 20 years of general management, brand strategy, process design and entrepreneurship experience.

“We are thrilled to launch Phalanx Impact Partners to both invest in and actively partner with management teams building the next generation of energy transition and sustainability solutions,” said Founding Partner John Pantalena. “Our mission is to identify and support those companies with the potential to catalyze real change in the ways we build, transport, energize and consume goods and services.. We have assembled a multidisciplinary team that combines financial, operational, and technical expertise and who have spent their entire careers investing in and developing mission-driven, forward-thinking organizations that additionally generate strong returns for stakeholders.”

“Realizing a more sustainable future is a global issue that can only be addressed with a collective, global effort,” highlighted Founding Partner Alex Hung. “Phalanx Impact Partners aims to bring together like-minded leaders, founders and innovators from around the world to build the sustainable solutions we need to address the pressing issues of climate change, pollution, and natural resource depletion. Beyond our roles as investors, we aim to serve as a facilitator and strategic advisor to our partner companies that help them scale efficiently and achieve operational excellence.”

“Climate change and its threat to our environment is the most pressing issue of our generation. We firmly believe that investing in sustainability is not only the responsible choice but also the smart choice for long-term success,” emphasized Founding Partner Doug Bennett. “At Phalanx Impact Partners, our unwavering commitment lies in identifying and supporting innovative companies that drive positive environmental change while generating attractive financial returns. By doing so, we believe we can build a more sustainable future.”

“Doing things differently, constantly innovating, and forging strategic partnerships are vital to advancing sustainability in today’s global ecosystem,” added Founding Partner Eric Pearson. “At Phalanx Impact Partners, we are driven by a vision to break barriers and make meaningful investments in companies and projects at the forefront of green enterprise. With our portfolio teams, we are building a more sustainable, prosperous, and just future.”

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About Phalanx Impact Partners

Phalanx Impact Partners is a New York-based private equity firm that is committed to driving positive change in sustainable industries through its investments in innovative late venture-stage and early growth-stage companies. The firm’s portfolio includes pioneering companies in the fields of domestic renewable energy infrastructure, waste-to-value technologies and nature-based industrial products, among others. The firm’s mission is to create lasting value for both investors and the planet through deployment of capital and associated advisory services. For more information, visit or contact us at